I feel like I am both Dr. Frankenstein and Igor. One side of my brain shouts, “Yes! Knowledge! I must know more, more, more! Muahaha.” The other side shuffles around, hunched over and dressed in filthy rags muttering, “Yes master I do your bidding…” I complete the package by copious amounts of drooling.

I have successfully managed to cram about two weeks worth of MIT lectures into three nights. I try racking my brain on the problem sets any spare moment I have at work. Today while waiting on orders I flipped open my laptop and quietly yelled at the computer for not doing my exact bidding.

I then remind myself an important fact about computer programming: when something doesn’t work – it’s the programmer’s fault.

See, computers are actually very stupid. They can only do exactly what we instruct them to (albeit VERY fast). They work only with an on/off mentality. So when something doesn’t work according to my design, it’s my fault.

I think I’ll print that off on a banner to periodically remind myself.

However, I do have silly issues. The course uses the programming language “Python” as its chosen vector of instruction. However the editor is somewhat lacking. When I type code on a brand new project the code appears in highlighted segments to help differentiate between commands. It makes programming MUCH easier to read and write. However, after I attempt to run the program all the highlighting disappears and everything is plain text. I don’t know if this is a bug in the editor or its way of silently mocking me, but I cant seem to fix it…. yet.

I am greatly enjoying the process as a whole though. Theres a nerdy “high” I get when something works right. I’m looking into a mass of knowledge and opportunity. I cant wait to figure out whats in the next layer.


5 thoughts on “Schizophrenic

    • I did some poking around last night as a matter if fact. Eclipse has the ability to use python. The catch is that the class uses only version 2.4.5 (I think) for consistency. I appreciate that but the editor still sucks. I’ll work around it for now but expand later. Apparently Python has become wildly used and it would be a good thing to keep in my kit bag.

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