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Continuing with the Star Wars theme…

import nerd_reference

So I’ve flown to my own little Degobah. And like Luke Skywalker, I’ve found that becoming a Jedi requires a bit more sweat equity… and less sleep.

This last week I have been at home every night instead of on the road. This is a blessing and a curse. I love being with my family and helping out with the house but when I get home between 5 – 6:30 on average I have enough time for dinner with everybody, clean up the kids, put the kids to bed at 7:30, clean up the mess the kids created, done by 8:15, and then I have maybe an hour and a half to spend with the wife before I need to start heading to bed. I have so little time at home that its coveted pretty badly.

So my solution?

I’ve started waking up two hours before I have to leave for work every morning in order to study and work. My lectures are about an hour long so that gives me time to study, eat breakfast, read the bible, and do a bit of math via Khan Academy. I also spend a lot of time riding around in work trucks. That gives me time to read the “further reading” posted on my course’s web site.

Speaking of further reading, I realized I was dropping the ball big time by ignoring them. I went back and began reading them and realized something: programming is an extremely vast science… extremely vast. Its similar to trying to build a life size castle out of legos. You take thousands of very small pieces and methodically put them together, one after another, until it builds into a massive and awesome creation.

I have a lot to learn. Time to get on it.


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