CS 50 Round One

So I picked up my study with CS 50 on week 1 (it starts at 0). I had already watched the previous weeks lectures before and so I picked up where I left off. We covered an introduction to C and how to use and interact with a marvelous creation: VirtualBox.

At Harvard, CS 50 is a massive class. Somewhere around 500 students I think. To ease standardization issues Harvard created an OS that works inside your OS. In short, my Mac OS X is fooled into thinking its running any other program when it’s actually running another OS that thinks it’s the main OS. Quite neat.

The OS that it uses is a Linux derivative (I think Fedora) that Harvard adapted. It comes with an IDE (code editor) that Harvard developed. Here is a view of it as it sits on my laptop: Image

Overall I’m stoked! Harvard’s CS 50 is put together much better. Everyone should check out their website at :


I also completed the first problems set. I had to use a program called Scratch to create a simple program. Scratch (funny enough for my situation) was created by MIT to help people learn the principals of programming. Its largely intended for elementary, middle, and highschool use. However its pretty fun and it helps get the ideas across. As far as I know, its the only time we actually use Scratch during the course.

Anyway, the first wee program I had to put together had to include:

  1. Your project must have at least two sprites, at least one of which must resemble something other than a cat.
  2. Your project must have at least three scripts total (i.e., not necessarily three per sprite).
  3. Your project must use at least one condition, one loop, and one variable.
  4. Your project must use at least one sound.

I put together a Frogger type game that you can actually play here:


Lastly, I figured I’d give everyone a view of the actual Scratch program:


So thats the fun I’ve had lately.



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