Accidentally over ambitious (Part 1)

I find myself with a few min to post an update so why not.

So I’ve spent past few days heavily working on Problem Set 1. I’ve gotten acquainted with C as well as using Terminal or a command prompt to do things. The problem set had three programs assigned. I’ve successfully completed all three but two of them have some bugs (one that breaks it, the other just doesn’t output right). BUT it does compile!

I’ll post them later this evening for inspection. I’m debating on just including the code here or linking to somewhere I can store files and have them freely accessed. Any suggestions on such a place?

The big thing I realized is that I was being a bit overly ambitious. I thought that (acfording to the course schedule) this problem set was due after week one. It’s actually due at the end of week two. Week two also covers a lot of topics that help in the problem set. No wonder I had some headaches…

More to follow


One thought on “Accidentally over ambitious (Part 1)

  1. I’d vote for just posting the code here, esp. if it’s just a few dozen lines of code that is the headache. Another option would be a Dropbox account. Shooting you a link to sign up – if you use that link, I get 500MB more free space.

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