Blasting through my past.

As some may know, as a wee lad I taught myself the basics of how to write websites in HTML. This was circa 1995 – before Flash and CSS. So needless to say my websites were dull and simple.

Anyway, fast forward to now.

For prep material to attend Coding Dojo, I have to brush up on some JavaScript. They recommend using W3Schools ( http://www.w3schools.com ). I however think that site sucks for instruction. I might as well read a boring didactic book. So I’ve decided to use Code Academy’s ( http://www.codeacademy.com ) resources to get me up to speed instead (to be fair, they suggest using Code Academy after I go through W3Schools, but I digress). I was also advised to study Code Academy in a way that it matched the course’s week by week syllabus.

Well, they don’t start with JavaScript, they start with HTML. That makes sense because JavaScript is used in HTML. So yeah, anyway, I’ve been blasting through the HTML and CSS lessons and I’m almost done.

Once again, I find it fascinating stuff. The ability to create interactive data via the web is amazing. BUT, its incredibly tedious. I had a basic exposure to Dreamweaver in college and now I feel smug. Were I to ever become a web site developer/designer, you can bet I wont do it with straight code. Why reinvent the wheel?


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