Ok, so I’m now onto Javascript with Code Academy. It’s pretty straightforward stuff. However, Code Academy has dropped the ball for the first time. I’ll do an exercise and fill in the code correctly, it’ll work, but then it returns and says that I’m wrong. I’ll get an error message telling me that it didnt output the necessary data but you can look at the prompt and see that it has. So yeah, Code Academy needs to work on their own code at that point.

The only other problem I have with it is that I already have a good grasp on functions, loops, etc. I understand the concepts, I just need to know how to write it in Javascript. But, understandably, they explain the hows and whys of everything about subjects I understand. This makes it a bit frustrating but I’ll work with it. I need to finish it soon because I’ve noticed that now they want me to study up on some PHP before I go as well.

I also started to connect with other people in the class. It looks like everyone is still house hunting. Hopefully, I settle something before I leave for some military training. I’ll only have a day or two after I get back before I start driving to Cali.


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