The calm before the storm.

I’ve made it to Cali-Forn-EE-Ya! I’ve logged somewhere shy of 2,800 miles on my car in four days.

Yes, you can say it. I’m awesome.

The house I’m staying in is populated by a bunch of other coders (plus one venture capitalist) and its a pretty sweet deal. Clean. Right down the road from class. In a safe neighborhood. The downside being that its really expensive. I’ll deal with it though.

I also went to the church I found today. Its called Garden City Church (presumably because San Jose is called the “garden city”?) and its a two year old church plant connected with the Acts 29 Network. It was awesome! I’ve already made a few contacts (dare I say potential friends?) and I’m really excited. Its full of young professionals and a lot of them have little kids running around.

My kind of place 🙂

I’ve also been invited to my first hackathon with the guys in my house. LinkedIn has a yearly intern hackathon where teams get together and from 7pm to noon the next day they work non stop on a project of their choice. I wont have hardly any experience but it should be great to just watch and hang out. 🙂

So there you have it. Let the madness begin.


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