Day 1


So it has begun.

We began with a good long meet and greet that lasted a few hours. Yesterday one of the other students I met expressed how App Academy was a bit of a horror story and that already Coding Dojo is light years different. The demeanor of the instructors was great.

We had a signifiant road block right from the get go because the internet totally crapped out on us. The course is largely self paced. You are responsible for watching the videos and doing the assignments on your own. The instructors give a lecture in the morning along with a white boarding problem. Without internet we all just grind to a halt.

Anyway, we got it working. The videos hit or miss sometimes. Theres a lot they can improve in terms of educational quality. However, I’m willing to cut them some slack because we are only the fourth class and they are still ironing out the kinks.

I worked through the HTML course and ended the day by finishing the CSS lessons and now I just have the work to do. I basically have to recreate a simple website from a screenshot… four times.

One really neat thing we were exposed to today is Bootstrap. Its a CSS library developed by a couple of guys at Twitter. In short, its a shortcut to make your web site look great. In this world, if its open source, its free game.

All in all, I showed up sometime around 8:00 AM, and didnt leave till about 10:30 PM. It was a long day but great fun.

Lets bring on day two.


4 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. As a fellow Codecademer(?… Codecademist?) who is fumbling far, far behind you building clumsy tables in the HTML tutorials, I’d like to congratulate you on your move to California for the Coding Dojo. I’m eager to follow your blog and hear more about how it goes!

    Wishing you the best from the dark, (and hopefully increasingly less) lonely place of self-taught coding!


      • Thanks for the response!

        There’s no need to feel like a dunce. I’ve just been teaching myself on Codecademy, so we haven’t met in any of your dojo classes or anything. I just stumbled onto your blog one evening, and I’ve really enjoyed it since then!

        I imagine your family is very proud of your hard work! It’s certainly inspiring to a beginner like me! ^_^ Thanks for writing!

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