Day 2, Tuesday

Today we did nothing except code.




It was pretty awesome. The assignments for today were to recreate the layout for four web pages. They give us pictures of homepages and we had to recreate it. Its a lot of HTML and CSS tinkering. Its incredibly tedious and time consuming. After about 200 lines of CSS and 100 lines of HTML code things start to blur together. I’ll have to improve my organization skills. My goal was to finish all four today so that I have all day tomorrow to intimately acquaint myself with Twitter Bootstrap. However I only finished three out of four. Not bad considering that there are people still working on the first.

It makes me wonder though, am I just awesome, or am I doing something wrong? Ha! We’ll see what my reviewer in the Philippines says. (BTW, the Dojo has employees in the Philippines that help us out in the evening. They also do other work for the Dojo as well. They are pretty cool guys and really good at what they do.)

A few things I’ve learned today: from a developer standpoint, Google Chrome is amazing. The ability to edit CSS and HTML tags IN the web browser is a game changer. Also, I’ve come to realize that Chrome is an excellent resource. Its much more organized and powerful when you take advantage of it. Sorry Apple, I’m betraying you on this.

Also, manually formatting in CSS sucks. Yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It sucks. I’m excited to use Bootstrap and expedite this fun.

I’m starting to get to know others in the class and this should be a great summer!

Another update: after looking into it, I wont be able to attend the LinkedIn Hackathon because I’m not actually an intern. Well, since they wont let me play in their sandbox, I’ll go play in my own. I’m going to suggest to the powers-that-be here that we have our own Hackathon. Yeah, take that LinkedIn!


One thought on “Day 2, Tuesday

  1. virginia says:

    Sounds like you’re enjoying it – we’re thinking of you and wishing you the best. Aunt Virginia

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