Day 3, Wednesday

    Sports day.

So we started the day off with a group assignment. We were given a picture of a web page and our group had to collaboratively recreate it. In one hour. Needless to say it was chaos because we have never worked together before. I snagged the conference room for our team right away so that was great, but we spent most of our time fighting with setting up an online collaborative environment.

After an hour (that went by amazingly fast) we stopped and headed out to the park for sports day. The industry has learned well that if you dont get out into the real world and enjoy the sun you’ll go crazy. There was a large group playing kickball (yes, I’m part of a generation that didnt go total wuss and ban kickball because some kid might get hurt or have his feelings bruised), another group tossing a football, and others just chatting in the shade. I was part of the chatting group. It was real nice to talk to some of the locals about California. I learned a lot about the duality of CA in terms of politics and the different climates and sub cultures. Its actually pretty wild. Its a microcosm of America.

Anyway, we came back and we had another hour to work on our group assignment. We only got about half way done. During that hour my computer crapped the bed. Somehow I had completely packed my hard drive with crap. Litterally. I had 0 kb left on my computer. I was totally stonewalled. I ended up forking over $40.00 for CleanMyMac2 and it was a pretty slick product. It cleaned up about 10 or 12 GB of space and I’m working again.

Anyway, our group project sucked compared to others. I figure its because we hit a lot of collaborative snags that really slowed us down. We’re like a race car using old coffee as motor oil. We just need to change our oil.

So I spent the rest of the day finishing my fourth assignment. I took all the feedback from the first three and applied it and it showed! I got my feedback on it this morning and the TA evaluating me only had one comment to make it better. Other than that he said it was perfect (literally).

So yeah, that was my day. I spent a good amount of time reading the documentation for Bootstrap and then fell asleep on the couch in the classroom. When I went home I sat and watched my roommates work on an extension for Chrome.

I’ve also begun my conversion to Google. My email address has henceforth changed from a .me account to a .gmail account. Google has won me over with Chrome. Sorry Apple, you just wernt cutting it for me.


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