Day 4 + 5, Thursday and Friday. Week One Complete.


I finished up my CSS and Bootstrap assignments this week and I started on jQuery and jQuery UI today. The pace is pretty awesome when you think about it. I don’t feel the grueling craziness that I places like DevBootcamp talk about. But as far as I can tell, we’re operating on the exact same pace. Maybe I’m just blind to the fact that I spend (literally) an average of 15 hours a day banging on my keyboard.

This is probably a good spot for me to reflect upon the completion of the first week.

Honestly, I dont know how I got here already. It goes by VERY quickly. I show up on average around 7:30 am and, unless I dont eat breakfast, I usually dont realize its noon and lunch time until I see everyone else around me get up to go eat. Then the same thing happens during the second half of the day. I never, ever, catch myself clock watching. I usually only look at the clock to make sure I eat.

This is a blast.

Overall, I’d give Coding Dojo an 8 out of 10 on the Awesome Scale. They have a few issues that I would consider shortcomings but honestly, they are debatable points depending on your pedagogical intent. Regardless, I KNOW that at this pace, I’ll exit this program as a skilled web developer and I am more than confident that I’ll be able to find work.

I honestly love doing this. Its incredibly frustrating at times (especially since the air conditioning in our building died) and sometimes discouraging. But every day operates on a sine wave: you have your ups, and you will have your downs. But! You will come back up.

This was an investment well made. Do it.


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