Prepping for Week Two

The weekend is drawing to a close. I spent about six hours at the Dojo working on my assignments and I made a lot of progress. I hit a wall however when my Sortable JQuery UI function didnt want to work properly. JQuery’s UI documentation is rather vast and equally frustrating. They document all the ways you can alter the item, but almost zero documentation on how the item works itself. Meh. I’ll figure it out on Monday.

The only real critique I have of Coding Dojo thus far is some of the instructional quality. The videos online are not as professional as I would like. Cest la vie.

All in all, I love it here and its a blast. I feel frustrated this weekend because I’ve (by and large) completed all the assignments for JQuery and I want to move on. But I’m not sure where they want to go next. Sooo yeah, I’m stuck waiting.

My roommates are pretty great and they are all great coders. Over the past week they’ve been working on a Google Chrome extension that allows you to play music like Pandora in a small pop-up-able window. And they’ve done it all in their free time. I just sit around and watch. They are all pretty young (I think some cant even buy a beer) and they all make me feel like such a noob. Its good fun.

Well, next week I anticipate working on some wireframs and jumping into PHP, the main backend server language. Should be pretty great. Stay tuned.


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