Day 26 and 27, Monday and Tuesday

Hooray for long days!

Yesterday I arrived somewhere around 8:00 and didnt leave until just after midnight. I watched a really great Google tech talk with Doug Crockford, the author of Javascript: The Good Parts. (Watch here) and chipped away at Node.js.

I was halted in my tracks today by a simple problem with a node.js tutorial I was working through. Long story short, it wasnt working because I didint download and install a necessary module that I had thought was installed by default.

So yeah, once I figured that bit out I could feel my blood pressure noticeably drop. I dont really blame the school for having somewhat bad instruction on node.js because, to be honest, nobody has good instruction for it.

Oh well. Heres to making slow but steady progress.


Streams, Pull, Backpressure – Node.js fun

This is, without a doubt, one of the best tech articles I’ve ever read. You dont have not know or understand anything about computers, programming, node.js, or whatever to understand the concepts here.

I think…

Check it out. Its worth the read and I really hope I can have these sorts of conversations with my children one day.



Day 24, Thursday

Ok, I’m finally done with that annoying CodeIgniter assignment. I have banged my head in this framework so much that I feel like we’ve grown pretty intimate. I managed to achieve full functionality for what we were instructed to do but I still have some Ajax buggs that stop stuff. However, I have said enough is enough and its time to move on. I’ve passed it to my TA in the Philippines to look over and fill in the gaps.

Now, its on to the cool stuff.


For our first project week I and two others are going to work in a group to create an online version of Settlers of Catan! We plan on using Node.JS due to its ability to keep things fast and live. Our first goal (appart from learning Node) is to create a Go Fish game. We figure we can scale it up from there 🙂