Day 6 and 7, Monday and Tuesday

The last two days have been a wee bit frustrating. I’ve had to work on a lot of my wireframes for an upcoming project as well as set up MySQL Workbench and try and learn how to interact with some good ol’ back end architecture. So yeah, I havent done any real coding until this evening. I’ve just been going through documentation and internally hurling profanity at my computer.

I know that it is profoundly important for me to understand how to conduct queries with my database as well as how to use a program like MySQL to do it. However, it sucks. Its not glamorous. Its not really creative. Its more… clinical. I dont really know.

I’m just pouting. I’ll pick up my big boy pants and actually get back to work.

However, to make myself feel better this evening I began to delve into the PHP and Intro to Programming 1 lessons. Rock on. Its great fun to actually get down to programming. Its also neat to discover how simple PHP is. I really enjoy sitting there and wrapping my mind around syntax or a particular logic problem.

I’m looking forward to what I’ll fiddle with tomorrow. I’m largely ahead of much of the class and I want to keep it that way.


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