Day 8, Wednesday

So today I put on my big boy pants, stopped the pouting, and completed the My SQL lessons today. Yesterday I got really frustrated with some of the material and setting up everything so I folded my arms and pouted. I made myself feel better by skipping ahead to the PHP lessons and actually delving into programming.

Anyway, I went back and finished setting up My SQL Workbench and learning about how to do queries on backend databases. It was actually more difficult and worth while than I had anticipated. It really requires a few new wrinkles on the brain in order to work my way through it. Moral of the story is: dont skip lessons, you’ll miss important stuff.

After I completed the assignments for that section I happily dove back into PHP. I had finished the lesson material the evening before so I tackled the actual assignments right away. There are a lot of small programs you’re supposed to write and they progressively get harder. I hammered them out at a good pace and I love the mind bending factor actually writing programs and not just HTML or CSS. I’m excited for what lies ahead because this is where we really get into the meat and potatoes.

We have tomorrow off because of Independence Day and I anticape doing a little bit of work. But most of my time will be spent barbecuing.

Next post will probably be Friday. See you then.


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