Day 9(ish) and 10, Thurs + Fri

So yesterday was the Fourth of July. Independence Day. The day when we told our cousins across the pond that we were going to do our own thing and that they could take their tea and tax shenanigans back to their own island! Woo!

I initially intended to sleep in but the garbage truck nixed that idea. I went into the Dojo for about four hours and completed the PHP / Introduction to Programming chapter. It feels great to be working in actual programming and not just scripting. jQuery offers a lot of awesome capability in programing but we only used it for its superficial talents. After that I enjoyed a great barbecue at my house with roommates.

Today was a pretty awesome day. The founder of Coding Dojo was able to stop in today for the first time. His name is Michael Choi and he is currently living in Seattle to start a second branch. Hes a really great man and you can tell that he is extremely smart and experienced. He talked to us for about an hour and calmed some of our ruffled feathers and then spent the rest of the morning going to each of us, one by one, and saying hi and answering questions. He helped to fill in some questions I had on $_SESSION and isset() in PHP. He teaches very well.

After lunch we began our first test. This test was to earn our “Yellow Belt” (Its called Coding Dojo, what did you expect?) and it covered our HTML and CSS knowledge. We had four hours to recreate the front page of Dominion Power ‘s web site to include the drop down buttons and scrolling pictures. I completed everything but I couldn’t get my drop down buttons to work. Needless to say it was frustrating. Lucky for me, most of the class either had trouble with that or the pictures and didn’t finish one or the other. Few actually completed the test. The test itself wasnt hard, there was just so much to do. I didnt look away from my computer screens for four total hours. I had my headphones on and I was in the zone.

It was a great time 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to do some more PHP.

On another quick note, I’m not positive why, but the number of visitors to my blog has greatly reduced. The only guess I have is that in changing the address for my blog I’ve had to restart my wee readership. Humm


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