Day 11, Monday

Joseph – 0, PHP – 1.

I spent my day working on my message board. I had it 90% complete but ran into a wall when I couldnt figure out how to get the comments for individual messages to post. I asked one of our TAs to help and she scolded me on my tangled code and I was forced to clean it up. After doing this for a few hours and actually making a nice set of code… it still didnt work.

I asked one of our local TAs, two students in the class ahead of me, and our remote TAs in the Philippines and even he couldnt get it. We talked about some possibilities but all in all, I’m still stuck. I know what project I’ll have tomorrow! Ha!

If anyone is interested, I’ll load my fiels onto GitHub for you to play around with (I hope you know you’re PHP).

Anyway, good times šŸ™‚


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