Day 12, Tuesday

After much pain and suffering – Victory.

I managed to get my message board up and working after completely reorganizing the code to my page (again) and rethinking how I was trying to do things, it finally worked. The layout is really nice and it all works as it should. As an optional assignment we were tasked to give the user the ability to delete their own comment’s and posts. I got about 50% of the way to making this work and then called it quits. Even after reorganizing my code twice it was still somewhat tangled. I couldnt get the right variables passed down to the delete. Were I to completely scrap every bit of code and start from scratch I could get it to work because everything would be organized much better from the start.

So tomorrow I shall begin my jump into Ajax. A way to make things a little more seamless and dynamic. Should be fun 🙂

Oh, an on another note, I got a 9.5 out of 10 on my first exam. Thats considered “near perfect”. Score one for me 🙂


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