Day 13 Wednesday

Ajax. You nifty little turd you.

For those who dont know, Ajax is a set of jQuery functions that allow you to have parts of your page interact with the server dynamically. That way, whenever you click a little filter icon on your LinkedIn search, or use Google Maps or their search bar you dont have to reload the page. It fetches information from the server and displays it without reloading. Nifty aye? Well, it can be a pain.

Because of the way things operate its sometimes hard to debug Ajax functions. Things wont work and you dont have the usual “syntax error” or something yelling back at you. I spent about an hour troubleshooting my code to find that I was missing a semicolon (curse that foul thing!). So while it may be very useful on your site, it can be a pain to implement for the unexperienced (moi).

Oh well, it all comes with time. The only difference between myself and any other programmer, more often than not, is time. If someone is better than me its mostly because they’ve been doing it longer.

But I learn fast. And I figure that if I work hard enough, I will soon carve out a good chunk of respect due to my abilities.

As my dad always told me, “if its worth doing, its worth doing right.”

And this is worth doing.


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