Day 14, Thursday

Again, more Ajax. I’ve spent a good portion of the day fighting through this assignment and it sucks. All of us who are a few days ahead have really hit some mud. Ajax is conceptually simple, but when you start applying more things it gets difficult. Well, difficult to debug. Since it never tells me what I’m doing wrong it takes much longer to track down the problem.

The assignment allows the user to enter their name, email, and the date they registered and the site will display their information. What makes it neat is that, in the same fashion that Google tries to finnish your sentence before you do, as you you type, it is constantly updated.

For example, if the first letter of your name started with a “B”, it would instantly pull up all the names that started with “B”. If your name was “Bob”, as soon as you hit the “o” key it would filter out the results to just those with “Bo” at the beginning. Its pretty neat stuff. Just a pain.

I’m excited to finish this because then I’ll be on to the Object Oriented Programming classes as well as the MVC framework classes. Thats the last hurdle until its time to do my own project! 🙂


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