Day 16, Monday

Ah yes, Mondays. I’m reminded of how even Ronald Reagan wrote in his journal once, “I hate Mondays.” Or better yet, the ever slapable upbeat-waiter from Office Space. “Does somebody have a case of the Mondays?” Ugh…

Monday brought its own set of silly challenges. I got to work pretty quick and set my mind toward rebuilding my login and registration code so that it operates off of an OOP mindset and not a procedural one. Around 2pm when I finished I realized that it had nothing to do with my actual assignment. Mind you, I had spent an hour literally staring at my screen trying to figure out a bug. Even the TAs were stumped. The answer? In some of my jQuery I had a simple typo: “function” was accidentally typed “functoin.”


Oh well. It was good practice and the code will be used elsewhere. I then got to work on the actual assignment. After dinner I hit a wall and I couldnt figure out the problem. It didnt help that all the TAs had gone home and my remote TA in the Philippines got stuck on another call for around two hours.

The biggest asset being in a program like this has is the available help. A simple problem can grind you to a halt if you dont have a more experienced mind around. I know it would be cool to be able to work from home all the time but that is an extremely hard mission if you dont have considerable experience under your belt.

Anyway, my remote TA sent me some video feedback so I’ll watch that and figure out my problem. Then I’m off to MVC. (Modle, View, Controllers – Should actually be View, Controller, Model considering the actual order of things) and CodeIgniter.



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