Day 17, Tuesday

Ajax? Easy stuff now. CodeIgniter? uuugghh… This might take awhile.

I spent the entire day watching videos on and reading the documentation for CodeIgniter (CI). CI is a development and organizational framework for PHP. It makes it so you can have really big projects that are well organized and developed quickly. Its the PHP equivalent to Ruby’s Rails or Python’s Django.

And since its my first ever experience with an MVC framework, its somewhat painful.

I came home yesterday evening and sat down at the table with my other roommates. I had an exhausted and burnt out look and one of my roommates asked how my day was. I asked if anyone had experience with CI. They asked what it was and I told them it is a PHP framework. They responded with, “PHP? Ugh, so thats why you had a bad day!” I found that quite humorous 🙂

So yes, PHP and CI are a bit of a pain, but like everything here, you eventually conquer it. I realized yesterday that Ajax, formally a tyrant I had to conquer, is now a submissive little pawn at the tips of my fingers. Its really easy to incorporate Ajax now.

Soon, I’ll be looking at CodeIgniter in the same way…

It just might take a while longer.


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