Day 20, Friday + the weekend

Time flies considerably fast around here. Week four is over. Technically, in a few day’s I’ll be at the halfway mark. On Friday the senior class had their Demo Day and graduated. It was pretty neat to see everyone showing off their projects. There were quite a lof of people there, including recruiters and business owners. We’ve been told not to expect Demo Day to be a hiring event. Its more for business and recruiters to see the kind of students the Dojo produces. From there confidence is built in our abilities and the likelihood of us getting a job faster increases.

Honestly, I dont really plan on pursuing a job in this part of the country. Here in a few weeks I’ll begin to spam potential employers on the East coast. I’ll particularly focus on the areas around Pittsburgh, PA, the Shenandoah Valley, VA, and North Carolina.

Another awesome factor that plays into my decision: I have no fear in taking on anther company’s stack of technologies. Two of the students that graduated a month ago have spent the last three weeks learning the stack for a company called Boomtrain (they basically do online video analytics). Literally everything they use was not taught at the Dojo. However, they just smiled and said “Sure, we can do it.” I cant remember all the different products they use its pretty extensive. Here soon they should be offered full time positions.

Other than that, I’ve been plugging away at my CodeIgniter assignment. On Friday I got so fed up with Bootstrap not working that I decided to ditch it altogether and go with Foundation by Zurb. Zurb is a professional web design company that developed Foundation for their own work and decided to make it freely available.

Its much more stable and easy to use. Bugs are a lot less frequent and they are easy to work around. Foundation is also highly customizable so that every site made with Foundation doesnt look like every other site made with Foundation. Needless to say, I’m happy 🙂


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