Day 21, Monday

Today rather sucked. Multiple people told me I had this frustrated look of defeat on my face. I threw myself at my CodeIgniter assignment only to find out I was doing it wrong. It felt like I had spent hours swinging a pick axe at a boulder when someone sheepishly comes up and tells me that I’m swinging the wrong end of the axe. Lllaammmeeee

I understand OOP. I sorta understand CodeIgniter. Combining the two seems to present more of a challenge than I thought. And its slowing my progress.

All said and done though, I think I’m starting to make some headway. Yesterday after dinner I went with a classmate and got a margarita to decompress before I dove back into the maelstrom. On my way there I found out that, despite all odds, I actually passed my Green Belt exam! Wooo!!

So there was a glimmer of good news in a day of turds.

Lets us continue.


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