Day 22, Tuesday

Progress, at last.

I’ve finally achieved functionality on my CodeIgniter assignment. The message board part is now up and working. I’ve put together all the UI/UX for the rest of the assignment, I just now need to connect it to the database. That might take awhile and there are a few different ways I could pull it off.

Therefore, I left it for tomorrow. Time to take a good break.

As I theorized, because of my bush-whacking / forge a new path through the forest mentality, I’ve started to have a good grasp of how CodeIgniter works. There are a lot of really awesome tools and tricks that make it very useful. I’m interested to begin playing with Ruby and Rails. They say that its a big difference.

Apparently, in Rails, you just have to trust that a particular function or tool works. You dont necessarily need to know how it works. This has its benefits and disadvantages. You can develop a lot of applications very quickly. But it doesnt lend itself to customization and you can have a lot of people who are really good at rails, but in truth, terrible programers. I believe that is a distinct advantage of attending Coding Dojo. They knowingly force you to learn the basics and “the hard way” of doing things so that you not only understand but also appreciate the more advanced tools.

I also admit that I am 100% absolutely comfortable with having to learn a new language for my job. I have a solid grasp of the foundations and after that its just a matter of syntax.


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