Day 28, Wednesday

I absolutely loath Node.js. Not because of the language or what it can do. On the contrary, Node.js is very powerful. I hate it because every single pice of documentation for it and all its little extra bits suck!.

Nothing goes into any depth about its various methods or parts with any measure of clarity. Hey, did you know that when you route to a new page with Node.js you have to program in the necessary code for it to distinguish between HTML, CSS, JS, and image files? Wow! Neither did I! Because nowhere is it mentioned.

Dave Mikesall was right when he told me that communication is absolutely terrible in the programming world. There is a part of me that wants to become a Node.js expert just for the single purpose of writing my own documentation that accurately explains everything.

I spent hours yesterday merely trying to understand how to route something. Once I figured that out I realized that I have to then filter through everything to make sure it winds up all nice and neat. I hate server languages.

This has been monumentally frustrating. I just want to finish this project.


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