Our Crazy Travels, Updates

Day 30, Friday

Things are now starting to get really interesting.

Node.js is starting to ‘click’ and we’re making a lot of progress on our simple game of go fish! We have successfully managed to create a working server, router, login and registration page (that obviously connects with our database) all in Node.js. As far as I know, we are blazing a new trail for the Dojo. Apparently other groups or individuals that took on Node.js did it as part of their final project and they only utilized it on a single page for a single aspect of their project. We are the first to do everything in node.

We are excited to get some really good progress down on this game. Also, I chatted with a former graduate of the Dojo and long story short, we are looking at forming a team with him as the Mentor/Lead. Our goal is to create a game that is completely in Node.js and utilizes your phone to play a game on your computer.

Yeah, slick stuff anyway you slice it. 🙂

Today was a great way to end the work week. I also left the dojo at 7:30ish today – the earliest I’ve left in more than a week. I figured I needed a break.

I miss my wife and my boys. This is all for them.


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