Level: Noob

My 2014 Tech Education Goal

Now that the crazy Holiday season has come and gone, I think its time to return to my blog after a long hiatus.

I will commence this year by stating my tech education goal for this year: To become proficient at the MEEN Stack – Mongo.db, Express.js, Ember.js, and Node.js. All are Javascript (or in the case of Mongo.db, “javascripty”) and I figure that since I’m paid to use these technologies I might as well strive to become an expert at them.

I’m still working on a roadmap, and I’d be open to suggestions, but here is a rough draft:

Phase 1)
– Basic comprehension of Ember.js
– Basic comprehension of Express.js
– Basic integration of Ember and Express
– Complete certification in Mongo.db va http://www.education.mongodb.com
– Time: January – March

Phase 2)
– Moderate understanding and usage of Grunt, Bower, and Yeoman
– Moderate understanding of Handlebars.js
– Use these sub-techs to improve my apps with Ember and Express
– Time: April – July

Phase 3)
– Become very good at using Ember and Express together
– Contribute to the at least one serious Repo involved with the MEEN stack in a significant way.


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