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Day 30, Friday

Things are now starting to get really interesting.

Node.js is starting to ‘click’ and we’re making a lot of progress on our simple game of go fish! We have successfully managed to create a working server, router, login and registration page (that obviously connects with our database) all in Node.js. As far as I know, we are blazing a new trail for the Dojo. Apparently other groups or individuals that took on Node.js did it as part of their final project and they only utilized it on a single page for a single aspect of their project. We are the first to do everything in node.

We are excited to get some really good progress down on this game. Also, I chatted with a former graduate of the Dojo and long story short, we are looking at forming a team with him as the Mentor/Lead. Our goal is to create a game that is completely in Node.js and utilizes your phone to play a game on your computer.

Yeah, slick stuff anyway you slice it. 🙂

Today was a great way to end the work week. I also left the dojo at 7:30ish today – the earliest I’ve left in more than a week. I figured I needed a break.

I miss my wife and my boys. This is all for them.

Family Life, Musings

“Too old. He is too old to begin the training” – Yoda

Aaaannndd it begins. My time to travel across the country has begun. But most gut wrenching of all is the fact that I have to leave my famy again for another summer. This is why I am choosing to attend this school. I am sick and tired of leaving my family alone just so I can earn a buck. It wasn’t even a big buck either. Ha!

So the plan is to take a southern route across country: leave home and exit through south west VA, then through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas’ northern panhandle, New Mexico, Arizona, and then on up through California. I wanted originally to go more north and see family in Ohio, Kansas, and Colorado, but the fastest route would t have brought me close and I’m limited on time anyway. It’s just best for me to go the most direct route. That and there were tolls to the north. And I’m stingy 🙂

So yeah, I’ll try and take a pick every time I enter a new state and post it as evidence. After this trip I’ll have visited/drove through more than half of the US. Hooray

Family Life, Updates

On the brink

I’m back on the grid.

I’ve spent the past three weeks in Latvia as part of Saber Strike 13. It’s a multinational NATO exercise. It went great and if you want to know more just google it.

Any hoo, things are picking up here at home. We’ve had two garage sales, had our POD delivered, and packed up most of the house. We still have a lot to do and I’m not sure how we’re going to get it all done. Meh, we’ll figure it out.

I’m a bit nervous because I’m a bit behind on my prepwork. I’m also a bit rusty on what I studied because I slammed out a lot of topics but then I wasn’t able to do anything for three weeks. Ugh. Needless to say, when I show up, it’ll be 100%.

Here’s to the summer of crazy!