Slight Hiatus.

So tomorrow I will leave the country for three weeks. I have some training exercises with the National Guard that will draw my attention and I wont be able to study while I am away. This aspect sucks because there is still a considerable amount of work that I’d like to do before I leave on my Coding Dojo Adventure, but then again, I really like being prepared.

As far as studying goes, I havent accomplished much over the past few days seeing as its been Memorial Day Weekend. I chose to spend my time with my wife, kids, and packing. Once I return from my military obligations I’ll turn around and dissappear for the whole summer. I wanted to enjoy their faces, laughter, and crazy antics as much as I could.

I’m almost done with the exercises on Code Academy for Javascript. I just got into their Object Oeriented Programming section and the way they describe methods is a bit muddling. I’ve come to realize that in programing, you really only have a few different things you can do: loops, if statements, and functions. Things like objects, methods, and classes are just chunks of code used in different ways, and often times, each language has different deffenitions and rules. For example, in Ruby, everything is an object. C only has functions. Javascript has methods and, on the surface, are exactly the same as functions. Its all a bit dizzying but I know I’ll get the hang of it. My biggest thing is that I just need to DO it. Enter Coding Dojo and the expected 80 – 100 hours a week I’ll spend coding.

I figure that even if I suck, by sheer brute force I’ll achieve some level of proficiency by the end of things 🙂

I’ve also had to start dabbling in wireframing. I think the idea is neat and 100% necessary, but I haven’t been given much guidance on what to wireframe. They just said, “Go therefore and create-ith two wireframes for your first two projects. Each shall hath 3 – 5 pages”. Needles to say, I haven met that goal. I’ll take my lashings when I show up and catch up as fast as I can.

The program we’re to use is called Balsamiq Mockups. Its pretty neat. Thats all I’ll say about that.

So yeah, this’ll be my last post before I start my drive out west. I just hope I’ve managed to find a place to stay before I go!


Code Academy.Com

So I’m prepping for my upcoming course at Coding Dojo. I’ve had a good bit more free time lately so I’m able to make some good progress. I’ve been working through Code Academy and I’ve completed the HTML/CSS and jQuery portion. Its pretty awesome stuff and it makes me appreciate those who actually create websites with pure code and no IDE help (like Dreamweaver). It sucks having to manually format everything by hand. I’m also pretty stoked about jQuery. The library is full of nifty things to make your web page look slick.

I just wanted to stop and share that Code Academy is probably the best free, online, intro to coding I’ve found. And I’ve found a lot of sites. Places like Treehouse offer a paid subscription and I doubt they go more in depth than Code Academy. I’m rather skeptical of any site that claims to teach you to code beyond basic introductory stuff. I’ve realized that coding takes a long time to become good at.

That brings me to my next little problem. So I’ve completed a few sections of Code Academy. However, its like I’m staring at a tool box of brand new tools after I’ve read a short manual and I’m wondering, “what do I do now?” The end of the jQuery segment gives you a place to create whatever you want and share it. Well, I didn’t really know what to create. I ran into a wall when I didn’t have the program holding my hand.

I think this is a matter of me not knowing what to do next. I have some great ideas but I’m not confident enough on how to use them. Thats why I’m stoked to attend Coding Dojo. I wont be alone. When I have a quick question or when I’m just blank on ideas I’ll have someone to talk to. Right now though, I’m all alone… (cue Donkey from Shrek)