The Future and The Dojo

Time to catch up a wee bit.

The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity in applying to a number of “coding bootcamps.” (9 – 12 week long intensive programs designed to train you to be junior developers). I applied to App Academy first, took both their coding challenges, and I was rejected.

I was contacted by another group however called Coding Dojo. They are based out of San Francisco (by area) and are a newer program. They’ve had a few test classes, a part time program, and this last February started their first full time bootcamp class. The class recently graduated so its too early to have stats on job placement, but its promising. The program is growing quickly it appears because they are already overlapping classes.

To be accepted I had to fill out an application and create a video that explained a bit about myself as well as answer a few questions. I then interviewed with one of their head guys last Thursday and today (Monday) I received my acceptance!


So here’s more of the skinny on the Dojo: yes, its a bit of a silly name. However, when you look at other similar programs its not that far out there. The course is nine weeks long, and I will attend from June 24 to August 23. Schedule wise, this works out pretty wild because I will get back from some military commitments a week prior to the start, and my sister gets married a week after. In short, my summer is going to be packed.

A few things stuck out to me about Coding Dojo that I liked: First off, they feed you! And the food looks pretty great. They provide lunch and dinner as well as healthy snacks (fruits, veggies, etc). This may sound silly but its a big deal when you think about how much money I would spend on food alone over the course of nine weeks. Second, where other programs focus heavialy on Ruby on Rails and largely only that (because its the hot tech right now) Coding Dojo’s focus is to train you how to learn any programing language. Their philosophy is to train you for a great lifelong career, not just a great decade as a Ruby on Rails developer who panics when its no longer the hot item. They also structure their demo days with employers differently. They have more than one demo day (to my knowledge) so that prospective employers can snag students early and have them start focusing on a particular technology that they use. A sort of pre job placement. They also have guest speakers come in a lot from the industry and talk about various aspects of what they do. They build relationships and reputability.

The other side of the coin is that its a huge gamble for my family and I. The price tag of $8750 is pretty rough but its actually cheaper than many other similar programs. We still have to save up the full amount somehow, sell off half our stuff, put the other half into storage, the wife and kids will probably move in with my parents in AK, I have to drive to Cali, and find a place to stay that is within budget.

This is going to be very difficult.

But the wife and I have prayed about it. We asked God for an opportunity for us to change our stars. We found these programs and it all just seemed to click and fall into place. At this point, we are truly trusting God for his provision, protection, and guidance.

More will follow…


P.S. heres a link to the program: http://codingdojo.co