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“Too old. He is too old to begin the training” – Yoda

Aaaannndd it begins. My time to travel across the country has begun. But most gut wrenching of all is the fact that I have to leave my famy again for another summer. This is why I am choosing to attend this school. I am sick and tired of leaving my family alone just so I can earn a buck. It wasn’t even a big buck either. Ha!

So the plan is to take a southern route across country: leave home and exit through south west VA, then through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas’ northern panhandle, New Mexico, Arizona, and then on up through California. I wanted originally to go more north and see family in Ohio, Kansas, and Colorado, but the fastest route would t have brought me close and I’m limited on time anyway. It’s just best for me to go the most direct route. That and there were tolls to the north. And I’m stingy 🙂

So yeah, I’ll try and take a pick every time I enter a new state and post it as evidence. After this trip I’ll have visited/drove through more than half of the US. Hooray

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I’m looking for a great warrior…

“Oh but wars not make one great.”
“I’m looking for a Jedi master.”
“Ohhh, Yoda, you seek Yoda!”

Degobah is a bit foggy and overwhelming. However, similar to Luke Skywalker, my own Degobah offers a wealth of opportunities.


I’ve never been poor at math. Most of what I lack in knowledge and skill can be attributed to the fact that I was either never offered the chance and/or I never had the interest. I now realize that whatever the reason, I was an idiot.

Over the past year or two I’ve started developing a sincere fascination with math. It is in many ways the purest of sciences. Mathematics is the lens that we are able to see the artwork behind God’s creation. Every time I learn something new I marvel at how anyone could choose to believe that the universe around us could arrange itself by pure accidental randomness.

But I digress.

The downside to math is the considerable discipline required to study it.

Alas one of my weaknesses.

So I guess the best way to combat this is to formulate a plan, tell the world about it, and then stick to it to avoid public lashings.

My plan (currently, but subject to revision) is to tackle the Khan Academy at least three days a week and work my way through calculus eventually. I want to also read my way through a book called The Calculus Direct ( ). I’ve read part of it and its a great read.

I figure that until I get a better hang of math I’ll continually be hamstrung in my programming adventures. And that ladies and gentlemen, will not do.